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What Do Tenants Want?

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In the fall of 2013, BOMA International released the results of their global office tenant survey. The survey involved over 1200 office tenants from Canada, the U.S. and abroad. I found the results to be very interesting – among other things, they highlighted the importance of customer service to overall tenant satisfaction. (To order either a digital copy or hard copy of the survey results, visit the store on BOMA International’s website.)

One of the more interesting observations from the survey was the five factors that are most strongly correlated with tenant satisfaction (from highest to lowest):

  1. Property management in general
  2. Overall quality of property
  3. Property management communication
  4. Maintenance/engineering
  5. Health and hygiene factors

Of these top five factors, only “Health and hygiene factors” scored an average of below “Good” on the survey. This suggests that focusing immediately on a building’s health and hygiene factors can have a more significant and immediate impact on tenant satisfaction than focusing on other areas.

I also thought it was interesting that even though concierge services are one of the less-common amenities (available in properties of less than 25% of survey respondents), they had a satisfaction rating of 4.39 on the five-point scale, one of the highest-rated tenant amenities. I guess one of the key findings of the survey (for me anyway!) is that concierge services are a key contributor to tenant satisfaction.

How does your building measure up when it comes to tenant satisfaction? If you’re not doing tenant surveys, think very seriously about implementing them. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing your tenant satisfaction scores increase year after year as you continue to work on tenant satisfaction. Tenant surveys are the best way to confirm that your tenant service strategy is actually working.

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