Do You Have a Key Account Management Program?

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Back when I worked in commercial real estate, one of the companies I worked for spent a lot of time and effort on building and maintaining a corporate culture that was committed to tenant satisfaction. We even had a Manager of Service Excellence (me!), whose full-time job was dedicated to overseeing the company’s service excellence strategy. We had a number of service initiatives that made up our strategy – tenant surveys, employee service training, tenant newsletters, building events and more – but one of the most important and successful initiatives was something we called the Key Account Management Program.

The Key Account Management Program (or KAMP) was a monthly meeting with the tenant contacts of our 10 biggest tenants in each building. We’d use the meetings to communicate what we were doing to keep the tenants happy, provide feedback from the latest tenant survey or review things like building renovations or life safety procedures. But the most important part of the KAMP was the feedback we received from the tenants on how we were managing the buildings. The key tenants always felt that they had a say in how the buildings were run … and that’s because they did!

Your KAMP meetings should be chaired by a senior property manager, have a formal agenda and provide lots of time for informal discussion. Make sure the action items from the meeting are recorded and distributed to the attendees afterwards. And start the next meeting with an update on where things stand with the action items. It’s amazing to see how a simple monthly meeting can become the backbone of a continuous improvement strategy.

We all want to be listened to and to feel that our voices are being heard and that our opinions matter. If you don’t have a Key Account Management Program, or something like it, in place right now, seriously consider implementing one. Nothing speaks louder than the voice of the customer, and a KAMP will ensure that those voices are heard loud and clear.

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