Service Quality Training: Arm Your Employees with the Tools They Need to Succeed

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I’ve always believed that there are three must-have components of any successful service quality initiative:

  1. Senior management commitment
  2. Customer satisfaction surveys
  3. Service quality training for employees

Without support from the top, service quality programs are dead in the water. Without measuring tenant satisfaction, you have no idea of where you stand with your tenants, or whether you’re improving. And without service quality training, your employees won’t have the tools to succeed, even if they know what’s expected of them.

At Eservus, one of our core company values is to always provide a WOW! customer experience. It starts with the training that new employees receive the first day on the job and continues every day thereafter. We track customer satisfaction daily using Net Promoter Score and compare our scores to our goals. We get back every day to customers who provide feedback – we respond to criticisms and kudos – to make sure that our customers know that we’re listening to them. All of this stems from a corporate culture that’s committed to customer service from Day One. So how does a company develop such a culture? Training is a big part of it.

A service quality training initiative doesn’t have to be expensive – service quality experts can be brought in to present to the entire company, or you can pursue a “train-the-trainer” strategy to help bring the expertise in-house. Another approach is to take advantage of established service training organizations, like Excellence Canada or the Service Quality Institute in the U.S.

So think about whether your employees have the right tools to deliver on a comprehensive and consistent service quality strategy. If they don’t, consider a service quality training program. As we know, an investment in service quality and customer satisfaction goes straight to the bottom line.

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