Taking Tenant Retention Strategies to the Next Level

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Tenant engagement is a top priority for today’s property managers who realize it’s no longer enough to simply provide good office space. The most innovative property managers also offer exclusive services and amenities that allow their tenants to be more productive and efficient – both at work and in their personal lives – and create an environment that fosters social connections and collaboration.

One company that’s getting it right is Investa, a leading office owner and manager in Australia. Investa recently kicked off a tenant engagement program called INSITE, which is being piloted in 11 of its buildings. It features an online tenant portal designed to save occupants time and make work-life easier, more fun and engaging.

Time-saving services for tenants

Through INSITE, building tenants access a variety of convenient services, such as dry cleaning, airport transfers, meeting rooms and catering services. Concierge services are at the core of INSITE; at each building a virtual or on-site concierge service helps deliver all services.

A hub for social connections

INSITE has a social networking component, which enables occupants to join active groups or coordinate their own groups for everything from running to yoga plus networking events. INSITE also makes it easy to give feedback to Investa’s property management team.

Easy access to building news and events

Through INSITE, Investa tenants can get the latest local and building news and learn about promotional offers, upcoming events and the latest environmental performance information for their buildings.

With the INSITE program, Investa’s goal is to forge stronger connections between building tenants and its property management teams. And I have no doubt that they’ll achieve it. As property managers consider their own development plans, this type of program shows there’s a real opportunity to create a more collaborative building experience that better engages tenants and helps them thrive.

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