BOMA Recognition is Good for Business

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By Kirk Layton

Property managers are always on the lookout for new ways to distinguish their buildings, make a connection with existing tenants and attract future customers. Earning awards and certification from the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) is a cost-effective way to achieve all three goals.

Completing the submission requirements calls for some time and commitment, but the short- and long-term payoffs make it worth the effort. Here’s how BOMA recognition can benefit your building and operations:

A competitive advantage
Achieving BOMA awards and certification is like getting a stamp of approval for your properties. With BOMA’s Certificate of Excellence, for example, property managers can prove to tenants, and perhaps more importantly, to prospective tenants, that they have met BOMA’s rigorous standards in the key areas that are most important to them, such as energy management and community impact. As a result, BOMA certification puts property managers in a better position to compete with other BOMA-certified buildings, and gain a competitive advantage on PMs that are not certified.

Quality control… and improvement
While preparing the written submission for BOMA’s Certificate of Excellence, Earth Award or Pinnacle Award, property managers must assess whether they make the grade in terms of their building features, programs and services. If you have not been documenting your procedures, the application process is an opportunity to develop a permanent record of key programs and policies, which is valuable for training and communication purposes. Furthermore, as you review the requirements, you may be discover that you’re excelling in one area, such as tenant relations, but have deficiencies in another, such as emergency preparedness. Being aware of BOMA’s requirements can help clarify where improvements need to be made.

An opportunity for regional (and international) exposure
The highest-scoring Certificate of Excellence recipients receive BOMA’s prestigious Outstanding Building of the Year (TOBY) award and qualify for regional and potentially international competition. That’s great recognition and exposure for your property, not to mention an excellent opportunity to instill a sense of pride among your management team and staff … and even your tenants.

Kirk Layton is the president of Eservus, an online corporate concierge company servicing over 30 property management companies in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Boston.

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