Three Easy Ways to Help Your Tenants Succeed

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A good property manager is readily available and responsive to tenant issues. A great one surpasses tenant expectations by being proactive and taking tenant goals and objectives into consideration. And the good news is, you don’t have to be a mind reader to figure out how to help your tenants succeed. Here are three easy ways to help your tenants succeed:

Feature building retailers in tenant newsletters

If you publish a tenant newsletter, write a short profile of a retailer or service provider in the building. You’ll bring them to the attention of your tenants, reminding them of the key services and amenities your building offers. At the same time, you’ll hopefully give your building retailer a boost in business.

Support your tenants’ charitable causes

Recognizing your tenants’ charitable causes is a simple way to align with their goals and help them succeed. At your next building event, invite an anchor tenant to promote their charitable cause, either with signage, a booth or donation box. Another option is allowing a tenant to use communal space, such as the building lobby, for their fundraising. For example, you could invite a tenant raising money for a charity through the sale of art to display artwork for purchase in the lobby.

Promote building retailers in tenant welcome kits and manuals

When new tenants move into the building, provide them with a list of building retailers and services in a welcome kit. Ideally, the retailers and service providers – and nearby restaurants too – will provide coupons or discount codes for new tenants. If you’re planning to update your tenant manual, include a list of retailers within the building to raise tenant awareness.


Kirk Layton is the president of Eservus, an online corporate concierge company servicing over 30 property management companies in Toronto, Calgary, Vancouver and Boston.

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