Using Social Media to Engage Your Tenants

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We have the good fortune of working with over 30 different property manager clients, some of whom have been eServus partners since 1999. I recently did an informal poll of our property manager clients to see what kind of presence they have on social media, and the results were very interesting. About a third of our clients had social media nailed down – they were on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram (some were on more), they posted regularly on each channel and they had a large number of followers. About a third of our clients had a limited presence at best on social, with one or two accounts and irregular posting frequency. That left about a third of our property manager clients with no social media presence at all, which, while in some ways understandable, is a huge missed opportunity. In today’s world, it’s very hard to justify not having any presence on social media. Even though some property managers or senior management teams might not appreciate the value of social media, there’s no question that it is an important channel to engage your tenants, especially millennials, and should be part of every property manager’s tenant engagement strategy.

Social media can help a property manager build brand awareness, expand reach of online and offline communications and generate leads. Social media is also a great channel for providing customer service and soliciting feedback from tenants, which can help property managers get a handle on areas of concern and generate ideas to improve tenant satisfaction.

We feel so strongly about the value of social media that eServus has launched Social Media as a Service as part of our Tenant Engagement Service offering. We help our property manager clients create a social media strategy, set up the accounts and even curate and post relevant content. We understand that not all property managers have the time – or inclination – to do what needs to be done in the often-perplexing arena of social media, so we see this as a service that our clients will truly appreciate.

eServus uses our own social media accounts to engage with our followers, communicate information that they find useful or informative, extend the reach of our regular email communications with our members, conduct social-media-only contests to create some excitement with our followers and communicate building-specific information on behalf of our property manager clients. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but it’s worth it when we can report back to our property manager clients on the literally thousands of engagements with have with their tenants every month.

So if you don’t have a social media strategy in place, consider setting one up. It’s never too late to start!

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