Jump Start Your Tenant Events with These Top Trends

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We’re only a few months into the year and we’re already seeing some interesting new trends for tenant events hosted by property managers. Tenant events are a great way for property managers to get in front of your tenants, strengthen relationships, show appreciation and generate goodwill.

Here are a few of the latest trends in lobby events to help property managers put on tenant events that really shine!

Going beyond Pastries and Coffee

There’s no doubt that tenants appreciate any free food in their lobbies, but property managers are going beyond pastries and coffee to wow their tenants. eServus recently organized a cocktail reception on behalf of one of our property manager clients that included music, decorations, drinks, and appetizers (think “Happy Hour” in the lobby). Tenant feedback was extremely positive and the property manager has already booked the same event for next year.

lobby event 1

Last year eServus also organized a holiday dessert buffet in a building lobby, where tenants could stroll by and take a treat (or two or three) back to their desks. We offered a variety of desserts and holiday cookies for the tenants to enjoy, and it really helped get everyone in the holiday spirit. What’s better than giving away a treat to tenants? Giving away lots of treats of course!

Events themed around National Days

I’m sure you’ve noticed on social media that almost every day there’s a National [fill in the blank] Day to celebrate something. Why not take advantage of these “special” days to engage your tenants? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

Pi Day Cherry And Apple Pies

  • Offer a selection of different types of local bakery pie slices for Pie Day (March 14 – 3.14)
  • Host a tenant barbecue to celebrate National BBQ Month (May)
  • Recognize National Donut Day (June 6) by handing out donuts to your tenants
  • Hold an ice cream day (cones or sundaes) for National Ice Cream Month (July)

Environmental and Health & Wellness Fairs

What better way to show your commitment to sustainability and tenants’ health than by hosting an Environmental or Health & Wellness fair?

An Environmental Fair could include:

Recycling Concept. An Electronic Waste In Recycling Contaner Clo

  • Education about the building’s environmental initiatives
  • Eco-friendly giveaways or contests
  • eWaste collection
  • Native plant sale/giveaway
  • Tips for conserving energy from local environmental groups
  • “Green” product vendors

For a Health & Wellness fair, there are so many possibilities, including:

Female physiotherapist giving shoulder massage to man on massage

  • Free 10-minute massages for tenants
  • Healthy food giveaways (e.g. fruit, protein bars)
  • Demonstrations from local fitness providers (e.g. kickboxing, yoga, Zumba)
  • Consultations or recipe handouts from dietitians or nutritionists
  • Talks from experts on health topics (e.g. first aid, heart health)

Celebrating Local Sports Teams

We’re hosting more and more events themed around local sports teams on behalf of property managers. These events help demonstrate a property manager’s support for the home team and cater to tenants who are sports fans (who, let’s face it, make up a HUGE portion of your tenant base). Here are a few ways to hit a home run with sports-related tenant events in your buildings:


  • Celebrate season openers. In Boston, eServus has helped host a Red Sox opening event complete with Red Sox cupcakes!
  • Bring in sports team mascots and host a contest with sports-related prizes (e.g. team hats, tickets)
  • Give tenants sports-themed cookies (e.g. cookies decorated like baseballs or basketballs or with team logos) to celebrate the playoffs

Do you have other creative ideas for tenant events? If so, we’d love to hear about them in the comments!

And if you need help planning your next event, eServus offers full-service event planning and execution. Contact us today!

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