eServus 2020 Vision Targets Major North American Cities

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eServus recently launched our services in San Francisco, making it the fifth city in the U.S. in which we’ve launched, and the third city we’ve launched in the past six months. The recent San Francisco launch is part of the eServus 2020 Vision, which aims to see eServus serving 20 property managers in 20 cities by 2020. My vision for eServus has always been to serve a long list of cities in Canada and the U.S. so that any eServus member who’s traveling to any of the cities we serve can take advantage of the services we offer there. It’s the ultimate tenant service!

We have 11 more cities to launch before the end of the year in order to realize the eServus 2020 Vision. And I know we’re going to do it. Why? Because now more than ever before, eServus is leveraging technology to make launching our services a lot more efficient than it’s been in the past. By rebuilding our website to be much more scalable, and by developing custom technology that broadens our service offering, we’re able to bring more services to new markets much more quickly.

A big part of the eServus 2020 Vision is the concept of a networked community. I was inspired to bring a networked community to life after reading The Network Imperative by Barry Libert. The book describes how “new, scalable digitally networked business models, like those of Amazon, Google, Uber, and Airbnb, are affecting growth, scale, and profit potential for companies in every industry.” I thought, why not apply the Network Imperative to commercial real estate? And that’s how the eServus 2020 Vision was born. Our strategy is to leverage our digital platform to enable eServus members to benefit from, and even co-create and share engaging content within and across member buildings … and across member cities.

While launching a new city is serious business, we’re having some fun with it as well. eServus’s regional teams are celebrating the launch of each new city with a lunch inspired by dishes popular in that city. (We’re all looking forwarding to digging into our Juicy Lucy hamburgers to celebrate the launch of Minneapolis!) While the successful realization of the eServus 2020 Vision might result in the eServus team putting on a few pounds, the satisfaction of building a networked community serving thousands of office buildings across North America will be well worth it!

How have you leveraged technology to help build community in your buildings? Share your experiences by leaving a reply.

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