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Three Tips for Your Next Tenant Survey

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eServus takes a lot of pride in the service we deliver to our customers, your tenants. Since launching in 1999, eServus has made customer service our highest priority, with the expectation that happy customers keep coming back for more. So far so good! One way we stay close to our customers is by surveying them on regular basis to find out what they like, what they don’t like and, most importantly, what we can do better. I’d like to summarize some of the key takeaways from our most recent survey, share some tips on how you can stay close to your tenants and make sure you’re giving them what they really want.

Tip #1: Get the Operations Team Involved in Asking Questions

I usually have a very clear idea of what I want to learn from our customers, and I make sure that our survey includes very specific questions on customer satisfaction, purchase frequency and demographics. But when designing your next tenant survey, make sure you ask the front-liners, the people who are actually talking to the tenants, what questions they would like to ask – chances are they’ll want to include questions that will capture a different perspective … which will lead to better results. For example, the eServus front-line team wanted to include, among others, questions on our customers’ satisfaction with the design and functionality of our website … so we did! (We were pleased to learn that the vast majority – over 85% – of our customers were satisfied with the site.)

Tip #2: Get Your Tenants to Rank Building Services

Most surveys ask the respondents to rate various aspects of a business, but we make a point of asking our customers to rank our services so we know what’s most important to them. Specifically, we ask our customers to rank, in order of importance, the following: Friendly service, savings, preferred access to tickets, and convenience. In the latest survey, our customers ranked them as follows:

  1. Savings
  2. Convenience
  3. Preferred access
  4. Friendly service

While we will always put service at the top of the list, it’s clear that our customers want to see savings more than anything else, so that’s what we focus most of our time and effort delivering on. Think about what building services you can ask your tenants to rank … their answers may surprise you!

Tip #3: Gauge Interest in New Services Before You Introduce Them

Surveys are a great way to find out what your tenants think about your services, and you can use them as way to get feedback on services before you launch them. For example, eServus is considering offering a gift card mall, where our customers can get cash back or discounts on a variety of gift cards. We asked what our customers thought of that, and the response was overwhelmingly positive, so we’re likely going to go ahead with it. The response to some of our other ideas wasn’t nearly as positive, so those are going to be left on the back burner for now! Thinking of introducing a new tenant amenity but aren’t sure how the tenants will respond? Add it to your next survey … just remember that you may be creating an expectation among your tenants that the service will be delivered, so balance that risk with the value of their feedback.

Your tenants are a wealth of information – and opinions! – and most are happy to share both with you if they’re asked. If you’re not already doing regular tenant surveys, think about adding them to the mix of tools you use to engage your end users. If you are doing surveys, I’d love to hear some of the tricks you’ve used to help you get closer to your tenants, so please share your favourite tactics by leaving a reply below.

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