5 Benefits of Social Media for Property Managers

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When eServus provides tenant engagement services to our property manager clients, we engage with tenants through a variety of channels, including on the phone, at lobby events, and via email. Tenant often ask us whether their building has social media channels where they can find out about building amenities, events or other information. Clearly social is something that tenants are looking for in an office building!  

While some larger buildings do have social channels, most commercial property managers have not yet adopted them. And that’s  a missed opportunity, because we’re hearing first-hand from tenants that they want to hear from their property manager through social media

So why set up social media accounts? Here are our top five reasons.

  1. Draw attention to building amenities, events and news
  2. Provide a new channel with which to engage with tenants
  3. Engage in conversations that tenants are having online with an eye towards improving tenant service
  4. Gather tenant feedback on an ongoing basis
  5. Attract new tenants by offering a high-demand service

Even though the pros vastly outweigh the cons, we know there are some concerns about using social media channels to engage your tenants:

  •  How do we handle negative posts made on social media?

All posts should be replied to in a timely manner online, to ensure that you recognize tenant feedback and are responsive. Ultimately, social media comments can be handled in the same way as other feedback channels … in a way that addresses the tenant’s concerns. There will be times when it is more appropriate to take the conversation to either private messaging, the phone or offline channels, especially if it’s a specific issue that affects  a single occupant or is of a private or personal nature.

  •  My team doesn’t have time to post on social.

    Planning and posting social content does take some time and it’s important that any social accounts are well monitored to get the most out of the channel. That said, any messaging that your team is already creating for building websites or offline channels, like in-building signage and elevator screen messaging, can very easily be repurposed for social posts. There is also an option of hiring a company (like eServus) to create and execute your social strategy.

Looking for some examples of buildings that are getting it right on social media? Here are some Toronto-based examples:

If done right, social media can be an effective tool for property managers to communicate with and engage their tenants. What benefits have you seen from your building’s social channels?  Let us know in the comments!

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