Four Philosophies That Have Helped eServus Thrive for 20 Years

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On November 30th, eServus will be celebrating our 20-year anniversary. I feel especially proud of eServus being around for 20 years because eServus has not only survived but thrived for so long, mainly by sticking to a few simple business philosophies. I didn’t launch eServus with these philosophies in mind however; I learned them over the years as a result of experience, opportunity and necessity. So, here are four philosophies we’ve worked hard to adopt over the past 20 years that have helped eServus to thrive.

  1. Listen to your customers … and then deliver: Because I had a property management background and knew a lot of people in the industry, the very first thing I did when the idea of eServus was hatched back in 1999 was sit down with five or six hands-on property managers and ask them if they thought eServus would be a service they would use … and they all said yes! That’s when I knew I was onto something. Over the years I’ve done my best to bounce ideas off of our PM clients … for example, before launching eServus Connects, our tenant engagement technology platform, I surveyed over 100 of our PM clients to learn about the features that they wanted … and didn’t want. Asking your clients what they want, and then giving it to them, has always been a path to success.
  2. Change with the times … or get left behind: When we launched eServus in 1999, we were an online concierge service that mainly sold discounted tickets. But as property managers’ needs changed (we knew their needs were changing because we were listening to them!), we needed to adapt our business model to meet those needs. That’s why we incorporated tenant engagement services (e.g. newsletters, building events), proptech and social media management services into our service offering … we saw where the market was going and adapted to it. Nobody wants to be the next Blockbuster, so we try to find out how our clients’ needs are changing and do our best to deliver.
  3. Find your niche … and stick to it: Over the years we’ve tried a variety of different products and services, from a lifestyle concierge service, where we run people’s errands and plan their vacations, to installing digital signage in the lobbies and concourses. What we learned over time was that neglecting to focus on your core business by chasing all sorts of shiny objects is a recipe for failure. We decided that our niche was tenant engagement, and now everything we do is designed to help property managers engage with their tenants. This helps us stay focused and make sure we’re providing services that our property manager clients will always value!
  4. Leverage the power of the human touch: There are a lot of tech companies out there right now that are focusing on bringing technology to office buildings, and most property managers have proptech on their radars. eServus understands the value of offering our PM clients effective technology to help them engage their tenants (that’s why we launched eServus Connects), but we also understand the value that “boots on the ground” bring to the tenant engagement equation. In-lobby “community ambassadors” are becoming more popular with property managers, as they look for ways to connect with their tenants beyond smart phone apps. eServus has always believed that the best way to engage tenants is through a combination of technology and good ol’ fashioned people power, and we feel that tech-enabled front-liners are going to win over stand-alone tech.

You may have noticed that one consistent element of each philosophy is a desire to understand the needs of our property manager clients. So, on the occasion of eServus’s 20-year anniversary, thanks to all of our PM clients for working with eServus to help us carve out a successful niche in the commercial real estate industry. We promise to continue to learn from you and apply what we’ve learned to provide you with the services you need most, now and in the future.

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