Let’s Show Tenants Some Love in February

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Now that it’s 2020, we’re looking ahead in the calendar for things to celebrate throughout the year. While there’s no shortage of quirky or offbeat celebrations –  think National Hat Day or Squirrel Appreciation Day – we can’t help but wonder why there’s no Tenant Appreciation Day!

Since tenants are the lifeblood of the property management industry, it’s high time they had their own day … or month even! We know that property managers work year-round to exceed tenants’ expectations and provide amazing service. Dedicating a month to tenant appreciation will help property managers show how important their tenants are to them.

So let’s make it official! We­­ hereby declare February “Tenant Appreciation Month.” We’ll be sharing tips and best practices throughout the month on how property managers can show tenants some love … not just in February but throughout the year.

Please spread the word about Tenant Appreciation Month with colleagues and tenants using the hashtag #tenantappreciationmonth.

And if you need help with ideas on how to show tenants how much you appreciate them, eServus can help with corporate gifts or full-service event planning and execution. Contact us today!

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