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We are all in the middle of a truly unique situation, and, like all of you, eServus is doing our best to not only get through the challenges we’re all facing, but to make positive contributions and help our customers deal with this new reality. One of the most important things we can all do right now is provide effective communication. eServus has maintained proactive communication with our customers, which include property managers, suppliers and end users, and provided them with information that we feel is timely and relevant. We are continuously updating our website with the latest information and are encouraging our customers to check the site regularly so that our customers stay informed.

We recognized that many of our customers would be working remotely for the first time, and some would need to set up their children for remote learning; we assisted by providing an opportunity for our customers to save significantly on purchases of laptops, tablets and other electronics through one of our retail partners, Lenovo. We also recognized that more people will be shopping online for items that they would otherwise would buy in person; we encouraged our customers to buy through our Shopper Army portal, allowing them to receive cash back on purchases they were making anyway. The feedback we received from our customers on these initiatives was very positive.

As everyone started to settle into the new normal of being at home and staying mostly inside, we felt that we could help our customers stay engaged in meaningful ways by providing them with access to virtual tours and exhibits, thus offering our members new and fun ideas to keep the family occupied, while supporting our partners at the same time. eServus is on the lookout for other ways to help our customers, and we will continue to provide relevant, appropriate and helpful content in our emails and on our social media platforms. For example, a recent email from our Calgary team featured restaurant partners that are providing home delivery and pick-up options. We recognize that what our members and supplier partners need right now is very different from just a few weeks ago. And because of that, eServus has realigned our focus to assist our clients as best we can during these challenging times.

Through timely and relevant communication, we expect to help our customers and partners weather the COVID-19 storm. Stay safe and be healthy.


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