Acquisition Bolsters Return-to-Work Support for PMs

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October 13 was an exciting day for eServus … that was the day that Lane announced that they had acquired us! In the press release announcing the acquisition, I said that we were “excited to be joining forces with Lane to provide property managers with a truly unique spectrum of services.” We’re also excited to connect with our property manager clients in the coming weeks to talk about how the combined eServus/Lane platform can offer a higher level of service to you and your tenants, including helping you with your buildings’ back-to-work protocols.

The marriage of eServus and Lane truly is an example of 1 + 1 = 3. eServus’s focus on tenant perks and discounts, plus our in-building tenant engagement services, is a perfect complement to Lane’s cutting-edge technology, allowing property managers to turbocharge the workplace experience for their tenants.  

Welcome-Back Ambassador

A great example of how the businesses reinforce each other is in our combined approach to assist property managers with their return-to-office strategies. Lane’s sophisticated platform offers specific solutions to a variety of return-to-work challenges. As an offline complement to Lane’s technology, eServus has placed “Welcome-Back Ambassadors” in the building lobbies on behalf of our property manager clients to communicate safety protocols, distribute PPE, and give the tenants the tools and knowledge to return to the office safely. Combining Lane’s technology with eServus’s expertise with “boots on the ground” services creates a powerful one-two punch against COVID as the tenants return to work. 

The combined return-to-work strategy is just one example of how eServus and Lane will be able to provide our property manager clients and their tenants with a much-improved level of service. We’ve just scratched the surface of the synergies that the two companies have created by combining forces. Our vision for the future is to create a workplace experience that no other company can compete with, and we’re looking forward to working with our property manager clients to help bring that vision to life.

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